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Why should you hire a good chartered accountant?

Why it’s important to hire a good chartered accountant

Every business has one sole purpose, to make money. The financial decisions of any business
venture depend on the knowledge and skill of its staff. The workforce remains guided by the
decisions of the financial department in most of the company matters. So, one understands why one
must have the best accountants to help the company make sound decisions.

Chartered accountant vs normal accountant

How hard it is to become a Chartered Accountant

Anyone can qualify to become an accountant but not everyone can become Chartered Accountants.
To become a chartered accountant, you must complete the ACA course from some recognized
Institute. It will take you 12 months to complete the ICAEW Certificate in Finance, Accounting, and
Business (ICAEW CFAB) course. Upon completion, you will receive the ICAEW CFAB qualification
certificate. You can proceed to get your ACA qualification as well. The ACA qualification consists of
the four things that will help the candidate in real life. The first is the exam module that consists of
15 tests spread over a range of topics. These cover assurance, law, financial management, and
business strategy.

You will undergo 450 days of practical training that help you develop an insight into the chartered
accountancy career. You will remain guided in the matter of ethics and professional scepticism so
you make the right decisions and develop the right skills. They guide you in the matter of
professional development so can be confident of handling any situation that arises in your career.

Complex work the Chartered Accountants do

In larger firms like PwC, KPMG, French Duncan or Campbell Dallas in Glasgow, the need for Chartered Accountants is in more complex work involving company acquisitions and mergers, capital reconstruction, and company buy-ins and buy-outs. At times, they remain involved in cases involving personal injury cases, fraud, and civil cases that need the
expertise in accountancy to give witness. You will find specialised departments in large firms that
deal with litigation. But for the most part, the Chartered Accountants offer management
consultancy, business advice, and a range of accountancy and tax services to their clients.
All the chartered accountants function as trusted advisors and helpful decision makers. They remain
as the foundation of the company and its financial fortunes. They help influence the strategic goals
of the company and so it is vital to hire the best people one can find.

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